ESP Seating is a mobile seating and data storage application that helps teachers produce and use this information while moving around the classroom and then securely locks it away when you are not on site.

Be up and running in minutes

Use a CSV file and a OneDrive account
Use our fast column matching system
Upload groups, timetables and focus register information

Secure even if you lose your phone

Data protected by PIN or thumbprint
Location-based security lock files if you are not on site.

All about the speed of use

Find your class with a single click
Create room layout from a simple grid
Place your students and edit plans at any time

Create detailed focus registers

Upload previous data from CSV files
Click on a student to see register info
Record issues or support information in time-stamped logs

ESP Seating Plus

Only one techie in the department?
ESP Seating plus saves all of the setups hassles
Export and upload all data through secure files and OneDrive

What makes us different?

The aim of ESP Thinking is to provide tools and methods that make teaching more manageable.  ESP Seating is the first of these and aims to tackle some of the issues surrounding the teachers folder and so it makes creating and editing seating faster and easier.  Allows you to access and use focus register information as you move around the classroom and finally it has a location based security function that means you data is safe even if you loose your device.  This isn’t following trends, it is setting them.

Do you want to know more?

If we have caught your attention and you wish to find out more about ESP Seating then please fill out the form below, once submitted you will receive a full PDF data-sheet, describing in detail all that ESP Seating can offer you as a teacher. As an added bonus you will also receive a login to the ESP Thinkers Club. This is a forum where you can discover ESP Thinkings full range of applications, read and comment on the latest blog posts and crucially a platform for your voice to be heard amongst other users and education professionals. Time to change the conversation.