ESP Data is a mobile and web-based school data management tool that helps teachers record and use information about their classes faster and allows them to create more personalised and effective teaching strategies, as well as identify potential learning barriers that students may be experiencing.

Change the way you plan

With your timetable, the scheme of work, group lists and SEN information all in one place you can create detailed lesson plans in just minutes, as well as book rooms and equipment

Go even further

The ESP Database allows you to add detail to your scheme of work including a skills focus. This facility means that you can build a skills profile for your subject which the students can use to self-assess

Collect data in different ways

Not only is collecting assessment data much faster using the ESP Database but the mobile application allows you to accumulate information during your lessons. This data might be a new idea to support a student or an observation regarding an issue

Data that feeds back into planning

If you have a student that is struggling with a skill set you now have the opportunity to help by giving them a piece of work on the next topic with the same skills focu

Keep students in the loop & revolutionise reporting

Not only does the parent and student app give access to all of the skills assessments and learning objectives but you can also provide them access to lesson file and revision material. Formal assessment data, bookwork data, skills profile data.... all in one place

What makes us different?

With ESP Thinking apps it is not about just one simple job made faster.  It about the whole process, and so rather than creating just a faster means of collecting marks, ESP Data provides a completely new way to provide feedback and to help students take charge of their progress.  It puts that information right at your fingertips to inform your planning and keeps everyone informed along the way.  This isn’t following trends, it is setting them.

Do you want to know more?

If we have caught your attention and you wish to find out more about ESP Data then please fill out the form below, once submitted you will receive a full PDF data-sheet, describing in detail all that ESP Data can offer you as a teacher. As an added bonus you will also receive a login to the ESP Thinkers Club. This is a forum where you can discover ESP Thinkings full range of applications, read and comment on the latest blog posts and crucially a platform for your voice to be heard amongst other users and education professionals. Time to change the conversation.