ESP Behaviour Lite is a mobile classroom behaviour recorder that helps teachers suffering from low-level disruption in the classroom to consistently apply behaviour frameworks in a way that develops positive
student-teacher relationships.

Support the good and deter the bad

Set 4 targets for any lesson Positive or negative. Individual or as a group and set a threshold for each one for that sense of achievement

Live updates

Save the room layout on your device. Login to and see your data update live from your device to the big screen

Split into teams

Add the scores up as groups. Use as a competition or as an incentive

Record your data with a single flick

Record a point for any of your targets. Click on a set and flick up down left or right. Use the data log to erase any mistakes

Display your results

Check on the totals for groups at any time or see where the scores have been generated on the seating plan.

What makes us different?

Teaching can be a truly amazing occupation and we are not the first ones to suggest that technology can be a help. The difference with ESP though is the detail. It’s not just providing tools, it is putting them right at your finger tips and making them incredibly quick to use. As we go through our set of applications we will be aiming to create new ways of tackling those time consuming, energy sapping jobs that keep taking you away from helping your students or having a life of your own. Often in teaching the idea of automating systems is linked with cutting corners. This is not the case here. This is an attempt to give teachers working frameworks where they collect useful data quickly and then share that to help give students the individual help and attention they need. This isn’t following trends, it is setting them.

Do you want to know more?

If we have caught your attention and you wish to find out more about ESP Behaviour Lite then please fill out the form below, once submitted you will receive a full PDF data-sheet, describing in detail all that ESP Behaviour Lite can offer you as a teacher. As an added bonus you will also receive a login to the ESP Thinkers Club. This is a forum where you can discover ESP Thinkings full range of applications, read and comment on the latest blog posts and crucially a platform for your voice to be heard amongst other users and education professionals. Time to change the conversation.