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What is ESP Thinking?

The ESP range of products are aimed at providing a new set of solutions to some of the major problems facing education. A poll published in the Guardian in late 2014 showed that over half of teachers were considering leaving the profession. 

In order to help these teachers, the ESP mobile and web based applications look at every step in the teaching process to see how we can combine new ways of looking at existing issues.  We know that more and more is being asked of our teachers and so we are looking at as many ways of achieving this as possible.  This is not following trends, it is creating them.

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So who are Malcolm and his colleagues?

Malcolm and his colleagues from Wellbright Academy are our little representation of just some of the superpowers we are hoping to give to our teachers.  From the power to unlock vast amounts of data, the ability to spread positive energy or even to balance enormous workloads, ESP applications are there to give you the powers you need.